• Case Study

    A leading company from the upstream oil and gas industry will provide a problem statement, which will test the skill and ability of students to develop a holistic solution to the problem placed before them.
  • Problem Statement

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    The download is a '.zip' file containg problem statement and relevant info.


  • Results

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  • Rules

  • > Declaring the case study statement to all SPE chapters - 6th Dec, 2013.
    > 4-page solution submission is supposed to be sent to the email ids provided before 28th January, 2014. (Updated)
    > Technical queries regarding the case study need to be addressed to Mr. Nitish Kumar from SLB, at NKumar6@slb.com.
    > Solutions are NOT to be sent to spc2014@spesc.mitpune.edu.in
    > Assessment of solutions by SLB, opening up the second level of data set, and declaration of final list of teams selected for final round - 5th Jan, 2014.
    > Final Presentations during the SPE meet in MIT - 15th & 16th Feb, 2014.
    > The case study is open ONLY to the undergraduate students.
    > ONLY the teams which get selected for the final presentations at the meet should send in their details to spc2014@spesc.mitpune.edu.in, in the following format, by the 10th of Jan, 2014.

    Sr. No.

    Name of Team Member

    Team Member’s SPE Number

    College / University


    Year (SE/TE/BE)

    > Along with the above information, all team members should send in a scanned copy of their college / university ID cards.
    > The case study team MUST comprise of 1 Second Year, 2 Third Year and 1 Final Year students